A smooth running company is our pride and joy. From making sure we have delicious snacks to ensuring operational processes are efficient at the workplace, we work hard to make it happen.

Project Manager (Malaysia)
You will be responsible for leading complex projects that support the growth of the StoreHub platform. Apply Here


Operations Executive 
You will support the setup, improvement and streamlining of StoreHub’s Operations, SOPs, and team structures in order to drive our growth in Southeast Asia. Apply Here


IT Support Representative 
You will be responsible for maintaining StoreHub’s computer network, and providing technical support to all StoreHub employees to ensure the company runs smoothly. Apply Here


Operations Intern 
At StoreHub you’ll be treated as a full member of the Operations team and will get hands-on experience working across multiple departments within Operations. During your time here, you will collaborate with our Operations team, engaging with different departments across Operations; Customer Support, Customer Success, Supply Chain and Special Projects. Apply Here


No open positions for now.
No open positions for now.