What life is like at StoreHub
As a member of an innovative, motivated and talented team, you get to work in a tight, close-knit environment that treasures collaboration and openness. We enjoy building a business founded on excellence, fun and creativity.
Play with the best
Our players are competent and hungry, but humble. They take ownership of their roles. They’re action-biased and are focused on delivering strong results. They’re led by coaches with a heart to grow their players.
Get fit with your team
Take advantage of our health and body care. Whether it’s a subsidized workout with your teammates, or a dental check – we want you to stay worry free.
Drive your own growth
We value continuous learning. Improving skills and leveling-up takes time and effort. Whether it’s classes to upskill, or workshops to help you hone your craft, we want to support that.
Flexible workspaces
We get it. Sometimes you need to break the monotony. Thankfully there are different workspaces for you to work from. Be it on a bean bag, at a standing table, or at the pantry – you are free to work from anywhere in the office.
Work with the best tools
We equip everyone with the gear they need to succeed – from the latest Macbooks to the best hardware and services.
Never go hungry
We’ve got a pantry well-stocked whether it’s Kit Kats, cup noodles or nuts and granola, espressos on-demand and free Friday lunches. So don’t worry, we’ve got your bellies covered.
We work hard and play hard
From a PS4 to ping pong or karaoke nights – we believe creativity flows when you’ve had time to recharge. We also head out together to shoot paintballs or marshmallow-covered arrows at each other, just for kicks.
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