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Our People Manifesto

This is our team

Our players are people

Who are

Competent – they have the skills to play

Humble – they put the team above themselves

Hungry – they are always looking for more

Hip – they play well with the team

Who thrive by

Taking ownership

Being action-biased

Delivering strong results

Our coaches are

Leaders who

Have a heart to grow people

Embody our values

Practice situational leadership

Committed to giving players

Clear vision of where they’re heading

Real-time feedback of how they’re doing

Achievable map of how to get there

Our workplace is a stadium

To practice effectively & efficiently

That honours people

That enables collaboration

To share our stories

Because our stories help us

Focus on our customers and their needs

Celebrate important moments

Remember where we’ve come from

Define the legacy we leave behind

Our practice is a habit of

Playing to our strengths

Self-driven growth

Effective & measured training

Lifting others up

Our progression is a result of

Clear/measured improvement of skill & performance

A Discipline of Honest Reflection  

Taking on Greater responsibility

Recognizing all roles are important

Our Coaches are not ‘better’ than our players

They are different

Our winning

Happens when

We each focus on our role

We give our best and more

We overcome our circumstances

This Is Our Team

And we are most glorious when We Win


Do you play to win? We do.

If you are competent, humble, hungry and play well in a team, we’d like to get to know you better.