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StoreHub’s Core Values

storehub trust first

Trusting people first means to believe the best in others and to choose to see their strengths over their weaknesses.

When we foster a high trust environment, we collaborate faster and bring out the best in one another.

storehub values humble hungry

Being humble means to have an accurate assessment of ourselves and being able to give credit to others for our results.

Hunger is constantly wanting more, whether in contribution, learning or growth.

Having both is important because we need to be hungry enough to get us to where we want to go, but humble enough to stay grounded when we get there.

storehub obsess over the details

The difference between the good and the great lies in the details.

We give ourselves permission to obsess over the little things in our daily work because we know that the compound effect of small but meaningful improvements to our work creates a significantly greater experience for everyone.

storehub make their day

Whether it’s our teammates, customers, friends or even strangers, we want to be that person that makes their day, everyday.

This is best seen when we do something we didn’t have to do, but did it anyway. When we show up to work with people that are constantly looking for opportunities to lift others up, it will inspire moments that’ll turn Monday blues into motivated Mondays.

storehub authentic

Authenticity is revealed in the alignment of what we say, think and do.

It means that we walk the talk. Always. Being authentic is not a license to be rude or unprofessional. Rather, it’s an invitation to allow ourselves to be real and vulnerable.

storehub serve needs

We solve the world’s biggest problems when we get better at sharing.

We do this by moving resources (food/money/technology) to where it is needed most, instead of just where it is most profitable.

We make technology available for everyone, big or small, so that we can play our part in levelling the world’s great inequalities.

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