We play by the values of THOMAS



Trust First
Most people believe that trust has to be earned. Instead, we believe in learning to trust people first, because it is this kind of faith that brings out the best in humanity.



Humble & Hungry
We need to be hungry enough to get us to where we want to go but humble enough to keep it when we get there.



Obsess Over The Details
The difference between a good product and a great product lies in the details. That’s why we give ourselves permission to obsess over the little things. For us, the Small Things are the big things.



Make Their Day
Whether it’s our customers, suppliers, partners, friends or even strangers, we want to be that person that makes your day, everyday.



Being authentic means that we are genuine and real in everything we say and do. It means that we mean what we say, we walk the talk and we do what is right. Always.



Serve Needs Not Just Profits
We solve the world’s biggest problems when we get better at sharing i.e. moving resources (food/money/technology) to where it’s needed most, instead of just just where it’s most profitable.