Product & Engineering
Small and medium businesses are the backbone of every economy. And our challenge is this: How can we keep them relevant, engaging and thriving in today’s fast-changing world.

Senior Product Manager
You will bridge the technical and business worlds as you design and develop features used by thousands of businesses around Southeast Asia. Apply Here


Quality Assurance Tester
You will ensure that StoreHub maintains a high level of quality in its platform by planning, designing and executing appropriate test cases to identify issues or bugs within the system.  Apply Here


Senior UX/UI Designer
You will design and develop the experience for our StoreHub customers.  In this role you will envision how people experience our platform and bring that vision to life in a way that feels inspired and refined. Apply Here

Project Manager (Office of CEO and Product Team)
You will work closely with our Product Team to execute on the vision of the product and meet the goals of the project . This includes managing project schedules, identifying risks and clearly communicating goals to project stakeholders. Apply Here


Data Engineer (Shanghai, China)

You will be tasked with transforming data into a format that can be easily analysed and used to empower critical decision-making for cross functional teams. You will generate this data by developing, maintaining and testing our current infrastructures, while optimising data flow and collection. Apply Here

Front End Developer (Shanghai, China)

You will be responsible for interfacing our products with the thousands of businesses that use us everyday. Apply Here