Product & Engineering
Small and medium businesses are the backbone of every economy. And our challenge is this: How can we keep them relevant, engaging and thriving in today’s fast-changing world.

Head of Product 
You will be responsible for driving our product strategy and ensuring that we build a platform that makes business awesome for everyone. You will be critical to StoreHub’s success by driving the product vision and translating it into an actionable plan. Apply Here


Senior Product Manager (Malaysia)
You will bridge the technical and business worlds as you design and develop features used by thousands of businesses around Southeast Asia. Apply Here


Product Analyst 
You will collaborate with the Product Team to provide quantitative analysis, market expertise, and a strategic perspective in order to make data-driven decisions about existing and future products. Apply Here


Product Operations Specialist
You will ensure the ongoing success of StoreHub’s product offerings from the initial launch, to maintenance, and live application support. You will ensure information about product launches and product updates are shared with the necessary departments throughout the company to ensure successful launches of products and features.  Apply Here


Technical Writer
You will be responsible for translating the processes, use cases, and technical complexity of the StoreHub platform in a way that is easy to understand and useful to our customers. You will also work cross-functionally within the company to produce an internal and external knowledge base that is accurate, easy to comprehend, and organised for easy access. Apply Here

Front End Developer (Shanghai)
You will develop new, user-facing features that are used by thousands of businesses globally. You are responsible for interfacing our products with the thousands of businesses that use us everyday. Apply Here